Roof Tarps/Shrink Wraps

Is your roof damaged or leaking? Contact us for a FREE roof inspection. Let us tarp or shrink wrap your roof today! If your roof needs repair or replacement, we'll work with your insurance company. 

Structural Engineering

Our team proudly offers forensic engineering investigations with the origin and cause analysis! Can your roofing system be repaired or replaced? Our engineering team can help! We offer an independent and unbiased study by licensed professional engineers that have over 30 years of experience in the industry for residential, commercial, and large commercial properties. During our building damage assessments, we establish the potential cause(s) of building/substructure damage. We conduct a thorough inspection of the cause(s) of damage, what areas have been effected, and create recommendations for repairs. Insurance company experts work for them, who is working for you? Our engineering team works for you! Call today and learn about you could possibly qualify for a no-money out-of-pocket forensic instigation! If you feel that you have been underpaid or wrongfully denied by your insurance company. Call us today!